Plugin Review: Easy Post Order

Posted on: August 20th, 2012

Someone asked me the other day if I knew of an easy way to sort/reorder posts from the dashboard in WordPress. I hadn’t really thought of doing this before, so I went to the repository. A quick search gave a few different options and after trying them out I stuck with Easy Post Order.

Even thought it hasn’t been updated in a year, Easy Post Order, by Blue Hornet Studios works perfectly and integrates directly into a WP_Query.

The drag and drop functionality on the dashboard makes this plugin insanely easy to use. Select the post type and category you wish to re-order and drag away. Below is a screenshot of the admin.

On the database side, EPO generates it’s own table, wp_epo_order, and stores all of the information there. Below are two images of the database. The image on the left shows the database after just reordering all posts in ‘All’ category. The second shows the database after saving a new order in the ‘Category 1’ category. Note that the term_id is being used when categories are re-ordered.

The best part, to me, about this plugin is that it not only works with regular posts, but works with Custom Post Types as well. So if you are using any theme or plugin that generates custom post types you can re-order those as well.

Another great part is the integration with WP_Query. Just add the following code to your $args array and you can start re-ordering like a champ.

$args = array( 'orderby' => 'epo_custom');
// you will most likely have other things in thurr too.

I gave this plugin 5 stars because it’s simple and I didn’t have any issues when I used it. It worked for me in a fresh 3.4.1 install (even though it only says compatible up to 3.2.1

Note: not all experiences are guaranteed to be as pleasant as mine.

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