Easily Create Photoshop Patterns

Posted on: December 21st, 2012

In Photoshop you can easily create background patterns for any project. Find a repeating background from a site like subtlepatterns.com and open it in Photoshop. Guess what, you’re almost done.

Now that you have the file opened in Photoshop, head up to Edit, then scroll down to “Define Pattern…”. This is where it gets even easier. Just type in a name for your pattern and save it.

Still there? Alright, head to whatever your background layer is and double-click to bring up the effects panel. Check the box for “Pattern Overlay” and take a look at the options. The main area that tends to default to a bubbly pattern has a dropdown menu. The last image in that dropdown should be the pattern you just created. Select that pattern and save everything. Your background layer should now be a nice tiled background with the pattern of your choosing.

This use of Photoshop patterns can be a huge timesaver if you start using patterns like those at Subtle Patterns in your designs.

Feel free to let me know any other time-saving tips in the comments below.

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