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Posted on: October 29th, 2011

It was a crazy month: animals got loose in Zanesville, Klout explained its algorithm, Siri was born, Steve Jobs passed away, OccupyEverwhere gained steam, the Qwikster experiment ended, and I gained my 200th Twitter follower.

So, in honor of the Halloween weekend, I scrounged up some goodies from across the Twittersphere. These include some of my own tweets as well as tweets I favorited this past month. Some may be more like the lady on the corner giving you pennies, but some of them will also be like that one awesome guy that hands out full-sized candy bars.

From Me:

interesting survey…if only I could lift my arm to click submit RT @javascript_news: Web Developer Fitness Survey

nice #jQuery plugin forces you to draw shapes to confirm that you are human

some very cool HTML5/CSS3 and JS experiments here specifically the “Sphere” on the home page.

interesting take on WYSIWYG editing via @johnallsopp: WYSIWYG editing, and why perhaps it’s never really taken off

freelance web folks, would you ever use a CSS Killswitch? I’m curious how many people think it’s a good idea.

Reading up on respond.min.js for media-queries by @scottjehl – it’s so light and flexible!! #HappyDev

From Others

@smashingmag: Rocketcharts: open-source HTML5 Financial/Statistical Charts – #useful

@speckyboy: Essential jQuery Plugin Patterns

@ShoutOutDesign: Humble Freelancer, Assertive Businessperson – A How To

@doctyper: $.animate can animate numeric increments/decrements. Crazy!

So there is a quick look at some of my favorite tweets from October. If your sweet tooth isn’t satisfied, check out some of my other Code Explosion posts: Week 1 and Week 2.

And if you haven’t carved your jack-o-lantern yet, watch this sweet informational video on laser carving from FinalCutKing:

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