Cleveland Indians History

Posted on: September 3rd, 2011

Role: Designer/Developer
When: January 2011
Tools Used: Flash CS5, ActionScript 3.0, XML

What: Flash-based history of the Cleveland Indians created for M.A. capstone at Elon University.

As part of my classwork at Elon, I chose to create this history as my final project. The project contains 110 years of Indians history with images and records for each of the eleven decades.

Images are loaded dynamically through AS 3.0 calls and the overall shell is under 40KB, well under the recommended 250KB suggested by the MLBAM. All text for the history section is pulled in through XML files.

UPDATE: I have received confirmation that MLBAM and the Indians organization are in beta testing for the project on their servers.

To view the full history click here.

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